Genetic Counseling Project: Improving Patient Access to Timely Genetic Services

August 16, 2018

The Problem

With significant progress in expanding and improving access and knowledge around genetic services, as well as rapid advances both in clinical practice and technological innovation, serious gaps remain in the delivery of genetic services to medically underserved populations. Mostly, these gaps can be attributed to disparities in the distribution of medical genetic workforce (i.e., medical genetics professionals tend to be found in urban areas and/or academic medical centers) and limited or complete lack of health insurance reimbursement for genetic testing and counseling.

To bridge these gaps, improving the integration of genetic services with primary care has been singled out as a priority, as primary care often serves as the only access point for many patients to receive care, especially in rural areas where there is a shortage of medical professionals.

Ease Access

This project aims to engage and integrate primary care, home-visitors, and family support organizations to create new or enhance existing pathways to genetics services. This research project will help us gain a better understanding of the best approach to achieve this integration in Oklahoma primary care practices and in a rural state like Oklahoma.

Recruitment is Ongoing!

We’re currently recruiting up to 10 clinicians from OKPRN and primary care clinicians who would like greater access to specialists and additional resources/support in genetics.

Download our Genetic Counseling Project Flyer here, or contact us for more information.

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