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As for all Heartland Work Groups, the Clinical Services Work Group is open to those interested in varying aspects of clinical genetics.  The work group is comprised of advocates, medical geneticists, genetic counselors, genetic nurses, primary care providers, and public health workers.  Core members, however, agree to a two-year term that includes participation in monthly teleconferences, projects, e-mail communication, and occasional in-person meetings.  Core members may also be asked to represent Heartland on national committees or work groups.  Attendance at the annual in-person meeting will be funded by the Heartland Regional Coordinating Center for core members.

To send an e-mail to any of the Clinical Services members please visit our Directory page.

Core Members:

  • Jeanne Egger (NE)
  • Moe Schroeder (ND)
  • Mark Smith (NE)
  • Tiffany Lepard Tassin (AR)

Other Members:

  • Andrea Atherton (KS)
  • Mel Baxter (MO)
  • Jo Ann Bolick (AR)
  • Joni Bosch (IA)
  • Merlin Butler (KS)
  • Brian Conley (MO)
  • Melissa Hall (OK)
  • Gene Hallford (OK)
  • Cathy Harris (MO)
  • Tamara Hartsell (OK)
  • Carol Johnson (IA)
  • Michael Kayser (OK)
  • Stephen Khaler (AR)
  • Shobana Kubendran (KS)
  • Ingrid Larson (MO)
  • Mary Larew (IA)
  • John Martsolf (ND)
  • Steve McDonough (ND)
  • Laura McGuinn (OK)
  • Kim Piper (IA)
  • Mary Riske (ND)
  • Jennifer Roberts (KS)
  • Heather Smith (KS)
  • Kris Smith (IA)
  • Quinn Stein (SD)
  • Robin Troxell (MO)
  • Erin Youngs (MO)
  • Joe Zenel (SD)


If you are interested in becoming a core member, please fill out the Membership Form and send it to the Heartland Regional Coordinating Center.