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The EHDI Work Group is currently working on the following:

EHDI Program Exchange: This exchange program allows an EHDI program in one state to visit another state’s EHDI program and is based on demonstration of need to learn something specific from the host state.  Prior to the visit, the visiting state conducts a program assessment.  During the visit, information and resources are given to the state in need.  A post-visit assessment of the visiting program is then conducted at 6 month and one year to identify changes in practice or policy.  Results from previous exchanges can be found in our Evaluation Report 2012-2013.

Genetics of hearing loss webinar series: A two-part series will be offered that addresses the genetics of hearing loss and current approach to a genetics evaluation for hearing loss.  This webinar will be followed by a second one regarding genetic counseling for hearing loss and resources for families.  Dates are TBD.

Investigator Initiated Small Projects: Periodically, the Heartland issues a Request for Proposals from diverse stakeholders to address an issue related to newborn screening.  Past recipients have used funding to conduct the inaugural newborn screening workshop, develop and/or disseminate educational materials, and to provide education to primary care providers.  If you have a project idea, please contact us.

Contact Information

For more details on the work group and/or its current activities, please feel free to contact the Heartland Regional Coordinating Center.