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As for all Heartland Work Groups, the Newborn Screening Work Group is open to those interested in varying aspects of newborn screening (NBS).  The work group is comprised of NBS laboratorians, NBS follow up coordinators (both short term and long term), advocates, medical genetics, genetic counselors, genetic nurses, and primary care providers.  Core members, however, agree to a two-year term that includes participation in monthly teleconferences, projects, e-mail communication, and occasional in-person meetings.  Core members may also be asked to represent Heartland on national committees or work groups.  Attendance at the annual in-person meeting will be funded by the Heartland Regional Coordinating Center for core members.

To send an e-mail to any of the NBS members please visit our Directory page.

Core Members:

  • Andrea Atherton (KS)
  • Krystal Baumert (NE)
  • Katie Bentz (ND)
  • Jo Ann Bolick (AR)
  • Jena Callen-Scholz (KS)
  • Lisa Caton (OK)
  • Karen Eveans (NE)
  • Sara Groeneveld (SD)
  • Melody Hobert-Melleck (IA)
  • Rebecca Johnson (SD)
  • Jamey Kendall (KS)
  • Jamie Kiesling (MO)
  • Julie Luedtke (NE)
  • Tonya McCallister (OK)
  • Jessica Myers (MO)
  • Colleen Peterson (KS)
  • Emily Phillips (IA)
  • Julie Raburn-Miller (MO)
  • Sharmini Rogers (MO)
  • Traci Schaeffer (OK)
  • Moe Schroeder (ND)
  • Laurie Smith (KS)
  • Valerie Van Zee (IA)


Other Members:

  • Becky Bailey (ND)
  • Stan Berberich (IA)
  • Amy Brower (SD)
  • Darla Eiken (MO)
  • Lucy Fossen (SD)
  • Natalie Gregory (MO)
  • Sue Hadad (OK)
  • Bryce Heese (KS)
  • Leslie Himstedt (AR)
  • Patrick Hopkins (MO)
  • Carol Johnson (IA)
  • Stephen Kahler (AR)
  • Michael Kayser (OK)
  • Ingrid Larson (MO)
  • Joyal Meyer (ND)
  • Casey Mullins (OK)
  • Nannette Nicholson (AR)
  • Dawn Peck (MO)
  • Kim Piper (IA)
  • Pat Purifoy (AR)
  • Bryon Schaeffer (IA)
  • Mark Smith (NE)
  • Laurie Smith (MO)
  • Andrew Wagner (OK)
  • Larry Weatherford (OK)
  • Jackie Whitfield (AR)