Genetics of Hearing Loss

March 4, 2015

In February, Dr. Schaefer presented a webinar on Genetics of Hearing Loss to the Directors of Speech and Hearing programs in State Health and Welfare Agencies (DSHPSHWA).

In case you missed it, here is the information needed to view and listen to the recording of the webinar.  If you experience any issues trying to view it, please contact us the Heartland Regional Coordinating Center.

Recording ID: NK8B2G-3

  1. Copy the appropriate Recording ID à NK8B2G-3
  2. Click on the link:
  3. Enter your e-mail
  4. Click: View Recording
  5. [Enter your name if asked]
  6. Paste in the Recording ID   [You do not have to enter a “Recording Key.”]
  7. Click “View Recording” until you reach the actual recordings page
  8. Choose the format you want.  “Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay” may be the more manageable form.
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