Getting the Best Out of Prior Authorizations and Letters of Medical Necessity Video

Watch “Getting the Best Out of Prior Authorizations and Letters of Medical Necessity,” an educational video designed for healthcare professionals seeking answers to common questions.

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Video Presenter Bio’s and Credentials

Julie Kaylor

Julie is a certified genetic counselor and has over 9 years of experience in genetics services in a laboratory, hospital, and health plan vendor setting.  She is specialized in utilization management to increase access to appropriate genetic testing across health care.  Her passion lies in speaking enthusiastically and effectively to multiple stakeholders while advocating for increased access to quality genetics care and forming partnerships between providers, institutions, health plans, and laboratories.

Erin Beaver

Erin is a genetic counselor with 1 year of industry experience and over 9 years of clinical experience in the St. Louis, MO area.  She is the founder of inGENEuity, LLC, a genetic genealogy and counseling company.  Erin currently works as a full time clinical genetic counselor in oncology at BJC Healthcare, Missouri Baptist Medical Center Breast Healthcare Center.  Previous to this position, she held an industry genomic testing consultant position with PerkinElmer Genomics, a clinical genetic counselor and genetic counseling supervisor position at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, and a clinical genetic counselor position in Fetal Care at Washington University in St. Louis.  In her free time, Erin teaches at the Washington University in St. Louis Genetic Counseling Program and advises thesis students at the UAMS genetic counseling program.  Erin’s research interests include development of innovative models of care in genetics, public health communications, and addressing inequities and disparities in healthcare especially as it relates to genetic services.

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