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#251 Diversifying Genetic Research with 23andMe

By ryandahlhauser ‐ September 22, 2023

Accurate interpretation of genetic test results relies on a vast knowledge base of genetic data obtained primarily from databases of genetic test results. Genetic testing has predominantly been utilized by those of European ancestry, though these numbers are starting to shift in recent years. This means when someone of non-European ancestry completes genetic testing, it may be compared to mostly European data. It could potentially cause unclear results, which could hinder care or raise more questions. Furthermore, there is a history of under-represented groups not receiving adequate medical care and mistreatment by health care providers and researchers. 23andMe hopes to continue breaking down these walls by supporting diverse programs like the African American Sequencing Project. Also important is transparency with consumers on how this information is used and how it will help medical outcomes in conditions like Sickle Cell Disease. Listen to this podcast to hear more about these initiatives and some of the history of research


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